09 Sep 2017

The widespread availability of video editing software has made it convenient for any person to step into the world of video editing Dublin. It is one thing to understand the technical aspects of video editing but another to truly have the creative streak in you to master the creative aspect of video editing.

Almost every person can easily download the video software on their computers and learn the technicalities involved especially with the help of increasing numbers of YouTube tutorials and online training courses. However, it is not necessary that every amateur video editor will understand what it really takes to properly edit a video.

In this blog, we will highlight how different it is to master the creative skill than to have a command on technical ones. Here are some common mistakes that an amateur video editor makes when it comes to video editing Dublin.

They cut too much

The most basic mistake an amateur video editor makes while video editing Dublin is cutting too much when the scene actually demands to linger in for a while. Do not be too tempted to cut out from every scene. It requires an understanding of how a single second can make a difference.

Cutting too little

Most amateur editors struggle with not knowing when to cut. They would feel that every bit of the footage is important and must be added and why not? They were shot for a reason. However, this is where they go wrong. A video editor must understand that it is the job of an editor to see what needs to be cut out. His job is to cut. Amateur editors do not know that sometimes, cutting out a scene can give more meaning to the concept being shown in the video. It takes skillful understanding to know which scene would enhance the effect and what will not.

Putting more focus on dialogues

Amateur video editors make the mistake of cutting at the end of each dialogue and shifting the focus to the other person speaking in line. They do not let the scene linger in between the silence and expressions, which can give more meaning to the scene. Once the actor is done with his dialogue, immediately there is a cut and the scene of next person speaking is shown. This type of editing shows lack of understanding of the whole concept and does not deliver the idea effectively. If you have ever watched low budget movies and dramas, you will find such editing in them – it makes the scene boring. It is necessary for a video editor to understand that sometimes, the silence and reactions between the dialogues can make up for a thousand words.

Going overboard with the transitions

I think we all have been there, back when we used to edit our videos in windows moviemaker, add transitions, and filters to give a “professional” touch. But those days, however, are now gone. You are making your video appear as “amateur” by adding too many transitions ad filters. Video editors make this one mistake; going overboard with them. A simple cut is enough to let your video hold its meaning and appeal