Transfer your memories before they fade away

Remember, Nothing Lasts Forever

Video tapes can deteriorate over time and can be affected by mould, grey dust and become brittle and often rendered unplayable.

Video Players have become obsolete in recent years and people don’t know what to do with their treasured memories.

Well we can hopefully transfer your old tapes from: Betamax, VHS, VHSC, HI-8, Video 8, Mini DV, USB Memory Sticks and Drives, Media Cards (SD, XD, Compact Flast, etc) to DVD or USB at a very reasonable rate. Call us at the studio for a quote.

Turnover time is normally fairly short, so why not drop in your treasured memories that you had thought you had lost forever, before it’s too late.

Don’t lose your wedding video.

Give us a Call today.